About Us

Thank you for visiting Newtown Pride.

We are a group of people who grew up in Newtown, CT and went through the Newtown school system. Our heart breaks for the people impacted by the mass shooting that took place on December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School and for the Newtown Community.

Newtown Pride is an organization that we've developed as a way to support the healing of this town. Having spent our childhoods in Newtown, we realize what a wonderfully strong, loving community it is, and we want to help however we can. All of the profit from this effort will be donated to the Sandy Hook PTSA and the victims' families. We know that this will go a long way in helping the community rebuild and we are commited to making an impact.

We appreciate your support!

There has been an amazing outpouring of support for this effort from people around the United States. This has definitely been a collective effort and we want to thank everyone who has helped us to this point. From people in the Newtown Community to past alumni of the school system and the towns that surround Newtown in Fairfield County.

Thank you to Links Unlimited. They have graciously donated 500 free shirts and shipping for our initial design. They are providing the other shirts for that same design at cost. Thank you to Kathy Bartek and Wear Magic for coordinating and donating the printing on those 500 shirts. Thank you to the wonderful designers from across the US who have donated their time and designs to this effort. Thank you Steve Alberts for helping us build our initial site quickly. We were able to raise so many funds because of your effort. Thank you to Trina Bivens and Matt Morgan at Post Interactive for donating your time and expertise, and helping us build this site. Thank you Big Cartel, for giving us free access to the backend of this site so that we can effectively and efficiently manage our orders. You are all amazing.

Thank you to our fellow Newtown classmates who have helped us build this effort. There are so many of you who have supported this. Specifically we want to thank Kandice Cohen, Lindsay Kaye, Elizabeth Sovern, Stacey Lang Tyree, Chris Davis, Rob Weiss, Kate Bouteiller, Erin Doyle, Erin McDonald, Kendall Zimmerman, Kristin Hollrah, Stephanie Volpe and Kara Whipkey.

And finally, a huge thank you to everyone who has purchased a shirt, followed us on Facebook and Twitter, or shared our story and site in your social networks. We have only been selling shirts for three days and already have raised close to $21,000 for Newtown. You have helped make this effort a truly amazing one and we are genuinely grateful.

~ Kerin Sovern & Ashley Maxon